Our detailed site analysis considers aspects of your section’s orientation, shade, wind protection and natural landscaping. We analyse your site’s traffic, dust and noise pollution, as well as conduct a search for underground water ways or magnetic fields for EMF sensitive clients.

Do you know what is hiding under your foundation? This may be an important consideration for planning your living spaces. Known geopathic stressors on humans include nervousness, depression, fatigue, decreased immune system, insomnia, and cramps. The most common source of radiation from the earth is water flow. Ground water movement creates an electromagnetic field which is measurable on the surface of the earth. A creek meandering in front of your home can happily discharge its radiation, whereas moving water under your house may create negative health effects. As a result, Building Biologists recommend the use of metal free beds, encourage the use of clay, timber and mud as building materials (natural suppressors of electrical conductivity) and the limited use of reinforced concrete due to the conductive steel component.