At Built On Biology we can assist you through a partial retrofit of your existing home or from start to finish on a new home build. In other words, you can choose to incorporate some or all of the design modules (building materials, interior design, site analysis, indoor air quality, natural regulation and hypersensitivities) through the design and implementation phases of your project.

We will guide you through the entire process.

Some of the design elements that we would discuss with you may include your home’s orientation which may affect concepts of passive solar heating and cooling, natural light and shade, air flow and natural ventilation, as well as the use of biological materials and safe recycled materials for flooring, wall coverings and window placement and glazing. Concepts of landscaping for shade and sun, heat storage areas and materials chosen for their humidity balancing properties. These are only some of the principles that go into designing a healthy natural living space.

We will always strive to keep in mind the cost, energy efficiency and design impact of the materials chosen with the client’s overall vision of the project.