Susanne Brutscher is the founder of Greenhome Designs Ltd and Built on Biology Ltd. She is a Professional Interior Designer (Au) and Building Biology Practitioner (BBP USA) since 2010.

She is based in West Auckland. Over the past 20 years Susanne had been involved in several comprehensive building projects, and she has been self-employed as an Interior Designer since 2009.

“Living in Europe with their strict environmental regulations, it has enabled my family and I to gain experience and knowledge in areas such as, waste reduction, the science of environmental protection and with the building of modern, nontoxic and biologically balanced dwellings.
Bio homes come with many faces: most styles and trends can be established by utilizing natural and beneficial products.”

Susanne has observed the evolution of GREEN, NATURAL and ECO philosophies during her time in New Zealand. Initially the term GREEN represented environmentally conscious and nature loving attitudes internationally.

More recently the term GREEN has withered to a non-philosophical marketing tool, with increasing Greenwashing scandals positioning the term in a slightly murky area. Unfortunately, this inclination can cause confusion in home owners’ and builders’ trust in alternative techniques.

“As a result, I strongly felt that the time was right to rebrand the name of our company from Greenhome Designs Ltd to Built on Biology.

The new name seemed appropriate to convey the nature of our services and overall business philosophy.

We offer consulting services that empower our clients with knowledge on how to improve the environmental imbalances of their living spaces by selecting natural building related products wisely.

Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the “atmosphere” of things they live in and with.

We additionally would like to refer to our sister company, healing4life, for alternative health service and consulting. We offer nontoxic, free of chemicals alternative homes and natural living.